Chasing The Narcissist

2120FBE9-9DDE-482C-8E56-3078F8A10BCB“All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time…”-Mitch Albom


I spent about a year chasing the narcissist. Until I understood what he was.

The Chase is over. A reminder to myself.

Do not chase. He is not real.

It’s just a waste of time.

Instead, use that energy to love and chase yourself.


Run little empath run.

The big bad narcissist is on his way.

Ready to ruin another day.

He is a liar, a cheater, a woman beater.

He will try to steal your soul.

But not if you run

little empath



Run little narc run.

The empowered empaths are on the way.

Ready to save another day.

There is no hope for you.

Your identity has been revoked.

After all, you are a joke.

So run little narc



Recipe for Disaster


Recipe for disaster


1 narcissist any flavor

1 super empath

Combined ingredients and sit back and watch the chaos, devastation, and destruction take place.

For a healthier alternative eliminate the narcissist by substituting with self-love, self-respect, and logic.

Recipe for a meaningful life (one serving) repeat daily

2 cups of love

1 spoonful of sugar (to sweeten things up a bit)

½ tsp. salt (for added flavor)

1 cup of chocolate (for when you’re feeling low)

9 bear hugs

10 kisses (French is optional)

Combine with honesty, communication, and friendship.


The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy!

Relationship Values: After Narcissist Abuse

want need

After being in a relationship with a narcissist, I have a hard time making decisions for myself. I have always been a people pleaser, a giver, a doer. I do what you want me to do.

Finally, someone asked me what do you want out of a relationship? So I thought about it and this is what I came up with.

I just want to be happy, content and at peace. I want to feel secure and safe.

So I made a list of what I want out of a relationship. My list is divided by what I must have and what I would like. The must-haves are the deal breakers. If the other person falls short in any of those categories then he is not an option. The would like side is optional it would be nice, but not mandatory.

Relationship Values

What I want out of a relationship.

Must Haves:

Respect for me; faithful, commitment.

(No porn, no strip clubs, no bachelor parties, no flirting with other women, no swapping partners, no going to the bar without me. I think bars are for single people. It’s not my thing. Plus these things make me feel very insecure. I’m afraid of being hurt or cheated on. I am afraid of being replaced by someone else.)

Sense of humor; (no teasing me, no putting me down in front of other people, no game playing, no mind Games.)

Responsibility; cook, clean, take care of me when sick.

Non-Smoker/Non-Alcoholic; (occasional drinking fine, chewing tobacco fine.)

Love me unconditionally; (show me don’t just tell me, accept me for me, appreciate me, encourage me, and be proud of me.)

Job; career, stable, smart, educated, security-financially, feel safe around, secure, be with me when experiencing a hard time such as a death in the family, good with money, and spend wisely.

Stay strong under pressure; man of his word, honest, spiritual.

Romantic; tell me I’m beautiful, flowers, gifts, massage, touch me, kisses, cuddles, hugs, hold my hand, quality time, adore me, strong attraction to me.

Not violent; not controlling, no ego, not competitive with me.

Gentle; kind, big heart.

Not selfish, generous.

Share same values.

Someone that is content with just staying home. Or doing family stuff or relaxing. Someone that will plan special dates.

Would Like:

Someone to travel with, vacations.

(This is what I want out of a relationship. I am not sure if this kind of guy even exists. Maybe I will be better off single. I am not currently looking anyway, but at least I now know what I want.)

The Wheel of Misfortune: HG Tudor

668E9AE9-B489-48E7-85C1-CA1ACA508BD7Are you tired of playing the narcissist’s  game The Wheel of Misfortune. Then follow HG Tudor and learn how to beat the narcissist.


If you think you have mastered the game. Then test your knowledge with a game of Jeopardy. HG Tudor is always up for the challenge. See the categories below.


If you want to be in the winning team visit HG Tudor at Knowing the Narcissist

Adversity and The Narcissist

The way some victims of narcissist abuse handle adversity reminds me of a motivational story about an egg, a carrot, and a coffee bean.

The egg, carrot and coffee bean were all placed in boiling water (adversity).

Some empaths are like the egg. They go into the relationship fragile and come out hardened.

Some empaths are like the carrot. They go in hard and strong. Then they turn to mush and fall apart in the face of adversity.

Then there is the empath that is like the coffee bean. The coffee bean comes out strong. The coffee bean changes the water, and spreads its aroma through the air that affects everyone around them.

This empath reads and educates themselves and others. And who is the one that inspired the empath? Well, that would be the author and narcissist HG Tudor.



To find out more about HG Tudor visit or find his books on and start learning how to overcome adversity. Don’t be the carrot or the egg, be the coffee bean.

To read the full story on the Egg, the Carrot and the Coffee Bean- author unknown visit

Answers about Narcissism

Visit and consult with HG Tudor. He is truly amazing! I have consulted with him in several email consultations and two audio consultations. It is worth the investment! My next consultation will be in February and looking forward to it.

Narcissism “Seize the Power” -HG Tudor

You thought you found prince charming, the man of your dreams, that perfect relationship and then suddenly everything changes. He flips the switch. What the hell just happened? Did I do something wrong? Did I say something? For crying out loud will you answer me already? Being in a relationship with a narcissist will leave you confused and wanting answers that you will never get.

Some of the traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder or NPD is the lack of empathy, they have a sense of entitlement, and they are egotistical and arrogant just to name a few (Tudor). The Narcissist manipulates people to get their way. It’s all about them. They will exploit their victims, leaving the victim feeling empty and confused. Basically, narcissist treats people badly. Read Manipulated by HG Tudor to learn more.


The narcissist seeks out their victims carefully. The narcissist is drawn to people who are honest, caring, and decent people. People who are empathic in nature that can easily be taking advantage of. According to HG Tudor, the victims usually enjoy giving their time and do not realize that they have been ensnared by a narcissist until it’s too late (Tudor). For more information read Narcissist: Ensnared or Sitting Target: How and Why the Narcissist chooses you                                                  

HG Tudor has a blog called Knowing the Narcissist. You can find his blog at HG Tudor is a Narcissist Sociopath that gives insight into how and why his kind functions the way they do and what you can do to escape. Being that HG Tudor is a Narcissist he believes he is the best source for receiving answers about narcissism (Tudor).

HG Tudor’s Blog has 7,150,331 hits as of November 22, 2017. He currently has 50,089 subscribers. He posts approximately 7 articles a day on his blog and he responds and interacts with his followers (Tudor). He can also be followed on Twitter: @narcissist_me, Facebook: Knowing the Narcissist @narcissistseduction, Instagram: knowingthenarcissist, and YouTube: Knowing the Narcissist. He has many books available on and they are reasonably priced. One may choose to interact with HG Tudor with a personal/private audio consultation or private email consultation to have questions answers privately. . As for me this one of the best investments I have made in myself. HG Tudor’s blog is great for information and knowledge (Tudor).

HG Tudor is able to answer questions and he gives an awareness of what to look for so that one can see the red flags and avoid that kind of relationship (Tudor). See his book Red Flag: 50 Warning signs of Narcissist Abuse.


In my opinion, HG Tudor is the best source out there for providing answers about why you have been treated the way you have by a narcissist. I highly recommend HG Tudor’s blog and books. His books are easy to read, entertaining and educating all at the same time. A few of my favorite books by HG Tudor are Sex and the Narcissist, Fury, and Fuel.

The key to leaving a narcissist and becoming free of them requires you to go no contact. HG Tudor covers this topic in his book No Contact: How to Beat the Narcissist.


However, in some cases, the victim is unable to escape. They may be married to the narcissist or have children with the narcissist. The narcissist may be a relative such as mom, dad, brother or sister. Or maybe they work with a narcissist. HG Tudor will give you the tools you need to handle these situations.

There are many forums out there each beneficial in its own way. However, there is no need to go anywhere else. HG Tudor covers everything. The good news is that the victims of narcissist abuse can now get answers they need thanks to HG Tudor. He provides you with awareness and resources that will give you closure.

HG Tudor gave me tools on how to handle the narcissist and his manipulations. Tudor has allowed me to understand why the narcissist behaves the way he does. This knowledge has helped me immensely.

So my final thoughts after educating myself on narcissistic abuse are in the words of HG Tudor “Seize the Power” and read books by HG Tudor.


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